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Ryan Hibbs, PhD

Professor and Vice Chair of Neurobiology, Professor of Pharmacology

Ryan Hibbs,PhD
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Ryan Hibbs, Ph.D.
Professor and Vice Chair of Neurobiology

Professor of Pharmacology


Research Interests

We are investigating the fine details of fast communication in the nervous system, how this signaling goes awry in disease, and how drugs alter it. Ongoing projects span basic biophysics and structural biology to neuropharmacology, mechanisms underlying autoimmune diseases of the nervous system, and the evolution of neurotransmitter receptors.


Selected Publications

Legesse DH, Fan C, Teng J, Zhuang Y, Howard RJ, Noviello CM, Lindahl E#, Hibbs RE#. "Structural insights into opposing actions of neurosteroids on GABAA receptors." Nature Communications 2023 Aug 22. PMID: 37607940.

Goswami U, Rahman MM, Teng J, Hibbs RE. "Structural interplay of anesthetics and paralytics on muscle nicotinic receptors." Nature Communications 2023 Jun 1;14(1):3169. PMID: 37264005.

Allard CAH*, Kang G*, Kim JJ*, Valencia-Montoya WA, Hibbs RE# and Bellono NW#. “Structural basis of sensory receptor evolution in octopus."Nature 12 April 2023. PMID: 37045920.

Kang G*, Allard CAH*, Valencia-Montoya WA*, van Giesen L, Kim JJ, Bai X, Bellono NW# and Hibbs RE#. “Sensory specializations drive octopus and squid behavior.” Nature 12 April 2023. PMID: 37045917.

Noviello, C.M., Kreye, J., Teng, J., Pruss, H.# and Hibbs, R.E.# “Structural mechanisms of GABAA receptor autoimmune encephalitis.” Cell 2022 Jul 7;185(14):2469-2477.e13. PMID: 35803245

Kim, J.J., Gharpure, A., Teng, J., Zhuang, Y., Howard, R.J., Zhu, S., Noviello, C.M., Walsh, R.M. Jr., Lindahl, E., Hibbs, R.E. “Shared structural mechanisms of general anesthetics and benzodiazepines.” Nature 2020 585(7824):303-308. PMID: 32879488.



Neuropharmacology & Neurological Disorders


Biochemical, Biophysical and Structural Pharmacology Program


(619) 206-4639


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